Rio Guadalupe Special Trout Waters

Ron Loehman, Conservation Chairman

defaced-signThe 1.3 miles of the Rio Guadalupe from Porter’s Landing to Llano Loco Spring is designated as a Special Trout Water by the NM Game and Fish Department (NMG&FD). These regulations restrict anglers to single barbless hooks on artificial flies or lures and require any fish caught to be released unharmed.

Over the years, the signs posting these regulations have deteriorated or been knocked down so that many anglers seem not to know that they apply to the Guadalupe. Mike Maes (NM Trout Membership Chairman) recently observed this situation, which prompted an offer from us to the NMG&FD to pay for and to install new Special Trout Water signs on the Guadalupe. Within a few days of the inquiry, NMG&F Coldwater Fish Biologist Laurence Dalessandro replied that they had put the Guadalupe on their priority list for new signs and that they would replace them. A few days later he notified us that the signs have been replaced. Now no one fishing the Guadalupe can claim ignorance of the Special Trout Water Regulations.

special-trout-watersMembers who encounter anglers fishing unlawfully might consider advising them of the regulations in a polite, non-threatening way. No one should risk a hostile or confrontational situation, but if handled diplomatically it might be a teachable moment that will lead someone being more thoughtful about their fishing behavior.

Meadow Jumping Mouse Plan Locks Out Anglers

nm meadow jumping mouseThe Forest Service has issued the final Environmental Assessment (EA) of its plan to protect NM Meadow Jumping Mouse (MJM) habitat along mountain meadow streams in the Jemez Mountains. The final plan bans non-consumptive recreation (as well as grazing) from MJM habitat for at least 10 years.


In 2014, the Meadow Jumping Mouse was listed as an endangered species.  Its endangered status is attributable to destruction of its mountain meadow stream habitat by years of excessive cattle grazing on Forest Service grazing allotments.  Even though there is no evidence for damage to MJM habitat from non-consumptive recreation, such as fishing, bird watching, hiking, etc., the Forest Service plan lumps those activities with cattle grazing for a complete ban of all activities from MJM habitat for 10 years.  NM Trout objected to punishing non-consumptive recreation for the damage cause by cattle grazing, but our comments were not acknowledged.

What Now?

Individuals and organizations that submitted comments on the Draft EA can submit written objections to the Final EA by May 6, 2016.  The link to the complete Jumping  Mouse EA with instructions on how and where to file objections is: NMT has reiterated its concern that the planned approach is too restrictive, as it bans activities that have no apparent impact on the MJM habitat.

Ron Loehman, Conservation Chair
From the April/May 2016 Newsletter

Cow Creek Fishing Opportunity

cow-creekaNMT has reserved 20 slots for a day of fishing at Cow Creek Ranch on June 1st. Ten of the slots have been reserved for the Board of Directors and Board Program Directors. The balance of the slots will be filled by lottery and are only open to New Mexico Trout members. To participate in the lottery contact Jerry Burton at before the next general meeting on May 10th. At the meeting we will draw the names of the winners. Jerry will contact all the winners by either email or phone with details about the outing, where and when to meet and what to bring. Make sure if you want to be included in the lottery to include your name, phone number, and email address when you contact Jerry.

cow-creekbCow Creek Ranch is an historic fly fishing guest ranch in the mountains of Pecos, New Mexico, just outside of Santa Fe, offering exclusive ranch and facilities rental for special events and occasions, family reunions, and corporate retreats. With 4 1/2 miles of stream and seven mountain lakes on the property, the ranch offers some of the best quality waters to fly fish in New Mexico. </img> </img> This Orvis Endorsed angler’s paradise is teeming with trophy rainbows, browns, brookies, and  cutthroat – making this one of New Mexico’s best kept secrets. A well-nurtured natural fishery yields trout averaging 16″- 20″ in size, with the 2013 record measuring in at 29″. All fishing on the ranch is catch-and-release barbless hook fly fishing.

Rio Guadalupe Cleanup

guadalupe-cleanup-2016aTwenty-one New Mexico Trout members turned out on Saturday morning, April 9, 2016 for our annual trash cleanup along FR 376 above the Gilman Tunnels. That road parallels the Rio Guadalupe, which is our home water and one of the best brown trout fisheries in New Mexico. FR 376 is also the most heavily traveled of all the roads on the Santa Fe National Forest and it receives about 100,000 visitors in a typical season. Unfortunately, all those visitors leave a lot of trash over the course of a year. Doing these annual cleanups is one way we can express our thanks for the wonderful trout fishing opportunities the Rio Guadalupe affords while we help maintain it in a state that we like to visit

This year New Mexico Trout volunteers picked up 48 large bags of trash, and removed 16 fire rings. In addition, the trash haul included three tires, a pair of leather boots, a huge truck exhaust pipe, and an abandoned 5-gallon porta potty. With the excellent turnout we were able to sweep the entire corridor by noon, which allowed us to break for a club-provided lunch at Porter’s Landing.

guadalupe-cleanup-2016bThe locked gate above the Gilman tunnels was scheduled to be opened on April 15th, so the first visitors, at least, will see a clean corridor without the usual litter. Phyllis Martinez, of the Jemez District, and Cecil Rich, Fisheries Biologist for the Santa Fe National Forest, also participated and both expressed their thanks for our efforts.

Ron Loehman, Conservation Chairman
Photos by Seth Nodelman

Signed Skip Morris books available

New Mexico Trout is pleased to offer some fabulous and informative books to its members. After the Conclave, Skip Morris provided a collection of titles that you can purchase below. These books are signed by Skip, and Trout Flies for Rivers is signed by both Skip and Carol Morris. All of these books are available on a ‘First Come First Served’ basis.

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