Help! I can't renew my membership or purchase a ticket!
We’ve had more than a couple of complaints about not being able to purchase tickets or renew memberships online. Please check this list of our most common issues. You need ...
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From the January 2016 newsletter Fly, Notes and Photos by Jerry Burton Used by Permission Hook: Size 12 or 14, 2x heavy Thread: Black 6/0 Body: Thin strip of foam ...
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Quagga and Zebra Mussels Close in on New Mexico
From the January 2016 newsletter New Mexico is on the verge of an invasion of nonnative plant and animal species that threaten the health and quality of our waters. Although ...
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El Niño Visits New Mexico

From the January 2016 newsletter A warming trend in the Pacific has spawned a wet season for the Southwest, including New Mexico. Every one of the state’s river basins have ...
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Membership Renewal

Michael Maes Membership Chair from the January 2016 newsletter NM Trout’s annual membership is based on the calendar year, January 1st thru December 31st.   It’s time to take a few ...
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President's message - January 2016
President’s Message,  Welcome to the New Year. Considering the weather forecasts for the year, it looks like the streams and lakes will be full. We fly fishers can probably expect ...
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2016 conclave ticket purchase
For information about the 2016 Conclave, see the information page. In order to purchase tickets (or membership) online, you will need to be registered and logged in (at bottom of ...
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Voice Your Opinion on SB226/HB235, Access to Public Waters
New Mexico Trout, herein referred to as the Club, is aware of the issues surrounding the passing of SB226/HB235. Governor Martinez has until April 10th to either sign or pocket ...
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