NMDGF Fisheries Management Plan

plan cover
Cover, draft fisheries management plan

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) has just released a 2015 draft fisheries management plan for the entire state of New Mexico. The draft is the product of a year and a half effort led by NMDGF Assistant Chief of Fisheries, Kirk Patten, to update the current plan. The plan contains a lot of detail that should be of interest to NM Trout members and NMDGF is specifically asking for our members’ comments on it.

Members may want to address whether catch-and-release regulations should be applied to more New Mexico streams. Submit any responses on-line by October 31st to DGF-StatewideFishPlan@state.nm.us.

You can access the plan on the Game and Fish website under the “Fisheries” tab by clicking on “Fisheries Management” in the pulldown menu, or on the NMT website.

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