Thank you letter to Governor Richardson

April 28, 2009
Governor Bill Richardson
State of New Mexico
Capitol Roundhouse
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Honorable Governor Richardson,

I am writing this note of thanks on behalf of all the members of New Mexico Trout.

You have been very gracious in lending your support to the San Juan Blue Ribbon Quality Waters with the funding of the San Juan River habitat improvements and the stocking of Rainbows in this incredible tail water.

This commitment you have made will continue the success and growth of this Blue Ribbon water for all New Mexicans and Fly Fishing Visitors to New Mexico.

Economically, the San Juan Rivers impact is wide spread throughout the four corners area and regionally. The return on this investment will come quickly and will repeat itself many times.

Statistically, the membership of New Mexico Trout is pleased with the San Juan River’s quality of fishing experience, based on a survey done of our members this year concerning the San Juan.

New Mexico Trout will continue to support your efforts and the Efforts of the Game Commission and Efforts of the Department of Game and Fish to promote, rehabilitate, remediate, and ongoing improvements on the San Juan River.

Again, we thank you Governor!


Rudy Rios
New Mexico Trout