Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management and control of the business and affairs of New Mexico Trout. The Board consists of elected officers, directors, and appointed committees.




President Dave Marsh
Vice President Rick Luitich
Secretary Adam Sena
C0-Treasurers Guy Feltman & Jerry Burton
Past President Jerry Burton
Membership Michael Maes
Conservation Ron Loehman
Committee Chairmen
Conclave 2023 Rick Luitich
Facebook Guy Feltman
Project Healing Waters John McKenzie
Fly Tyers Joseph Raymond
Newsletter Elizabeth Noyes 
Other contacts
Website Ellen Loehman

Board news

New Board elected

New Board elected
At the  November 2021 meeting, Dave Marsh was elected president. Adam Sena was elected Secretary for second term. The other positions remain the same ... Read More

Meet the Board – Jan Rosenthal & Elizabeth Noyes, Newsletter Editors

Meet the Board - Jan Rosenthal & Elizabeth Noyes, Newsletter Editors
We are lucky to have two women taking up the all-important job of sending out the newsletter. Jan is an electronics technical evaluator and Elizabeth is a retired veterinarian. Be sure to send them your news and articles ... Read More

Meet the Board – Joe Raymond, Outings

Meet the Board - Joe Raymond, Outings
I am excited to be a member of this great club and I look forward to participating in river conservation projects, fishing trips, as well as fly tying classes. I would like to make myself available as a fly fishing trip coordinator (if there is such  a thing) for the New Mexico Trout organization. My goal is to connect members, organize trips and assist in getting interested parties together and on the water in a safe and fun manner. “Wacking Fatties” or landing big browns is of course our main objective while ensuring we protect our natural environment and pass ... Read More

Meet the Board – Darian Padilla, President

Meet the Board - Darian Padilla, President
Meet the New Mexico Trout board president - Darian Padilla. Darian has been an active member of NMT since 2011. He arrived in New Mexico via the Air Force and is still on active duty serving at both Cannon and Kirtland AFB. He's taken part in the Tingley Beach Youth Fishing Program, Project Healing Water, clinics at the Valles Caldera, and Reel Recovery at Cow Creek Ranch ... Read More

Meet the Board – Rick Luitich

Meet the Board – Rick Luitich
Shortly after relocating to Albuquerque while completing a career as a trainer for a major insurance carrier, I joined New Mexico Trout as a way to give a little back to the sport that has given my life so many hours of distraction, enjoyment and a few other emotions. My fishing career is a typical saga that began at an early age on the edge of a stream with a pole, a hook and a worm. In those days many a Saturday morning began with a sunrise hike to the stream to fishing the day away with friends. I followed ... Read More

Meet the Board – Jerry Burton

Jerry Burton
Jerry Burton – Fish & Wildlife Advisor Jerry Burton joined New Mexico Trout in 1996 after he had retired from a career as a fish and wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. During his time with the Service he worked in the mid-west, southeast, northwest, and southwest. He worked on recovery efforts for Apache trout and Gila trout and many other threatened or endangered fish species. As New Mexico Trout’s President Jerry chairs the monthly meetings, directs board meetings, and is one of our primary representatives to other organizations and government offices. After retirement from the Service he did endangered ... Read More