Fly of the Month - Peeking Caddis   

Fly of the Month – Peeking Caddis   

Here is a simple, yet effective pattern for early spring fishing. This is a peeking caddis tungsten nymph ... Read More

Fly of the Month – Santa Claus Fly

This is a fun fly to make for the holiday seasons ... Read More

Fly of the Month –  October Caddis  

Pattern, notes & photo by John Kreft
Used by permission
From the October 2017 newsletter Hook: Dai Riki 270 # 8 – 10
Thread: Black
Body: Orange wool
Rib: Small gold wire
Hackle: Brown furnace
Underwing: Black krystal flash
Wing: Black dyed elk Summer’s over. It’s Fall and the weather is just beginning to turn. My wife doesn’t like hearing that. But what does that mean to a fly fisher? Well, October is just around the corner and I saw a few October Caddis on the river last week. I thought about how important they are to the fish. These ... Read More
Fly of the Month -  Frenchie

Fly of the Month –  Frenchie

The Frenchie was created by one of the best anglers I know, Lance Egan. The similarities to a Pheasant Tail nymph are definitely there, but this particular fly will outproduce just about any other fly from my experience ... Read More

Fly of the Month – Pumpkin Bugger

From the October/November 2016 newlsetter
by Patrick Welch During the cold dark winter of 2002 in Valdez, Alaska, I was looking for a pattern to fish the interior lakes near Chitina. When the ice goes out in May, the rainbows in these lakes can be very aggressive. If you haven’t had something to eat for six months, you would be hungry too. After some experimentation, I ended up with an attractor pattern that seemed to be very effective in these lakes. After three years of experimentation, I completed what I call the Pumpkin Bugger, basically a wooly bugger with a ... Read More

Mop Fly Revolution

A non-traditional fly tying material is making waves across the nation. The fly is made from a fuzzy strand cut from a cheap mop and tied to a hook. Several colors are available including salmon pink and fluorescent green. The mop fly originated with a visit about 10 years ago to a North Carolina dollar store that sold a chartreuse mop with thick microfiber nubs. “I just saw that thing and thought it would work,” says Jim Estes, a 72-year-old retiree. He cut off some pieces and tied them to hooks weighed down with metal beads. Trout devoured them. The ... Read More

Fly of the Month – Firecracker Split Back Fly

Fly, Notes and Photos by Jake Villock
Used by Permission
From the June/July 2016 newsletter Hook: TMC C200BL 12-16
Bead: Tungsten Bomb Bead – size to Match Hook
Rib 1: Mirage Tinsel – Small
Rib 2: Ultra Wire – Small
Body: Pheasant Tail – Yellow, Natural, Orange
Splitback: Goose Biot – Yellow, Orange
Shellback: Holo Tinsel – Black – Large
Thorax: SLF (Synthetic Living Fibers) – Nymph Thorax
Collar: SLF – Nymph Thorax Here is a great variation of an awesome fly that I have used all over the US. After hearing about it multiple times, I decided to tie a ... Read More
Fly of the Month - Garcia's Mother's Day Caddis

Fly of the Month – Garcia’s Mother’s Day Caddis

From the May/June 2016 Newsletter
Fly, Notes and Photos by Charlie Craven and Greg Garcia
Used by Permission Hook: TMC 100SP-BL #14-18
Bead: Green Glass Seed Bead 15/0 size
Thread: 10/0 olive to secure the bead, then 8/0 Black for the rest of the fly
Abdomen: Black Superfine Dubbing
Underwing: Pearl Krystal Flash, Red Krystal Flash and Pearl Mirage Strands
Overwing: Bleached Elk Hair
Hackle: Grizzly Dyed Brown Rooster Saddle or Neck Hackle The MDC is a stroke of genius and is becoming a hugely popular pattern. The addition of the small glass seed bead at the bend ... Read More