Fly of the Month – Santa Claus Fly

Pattern, notes & photo by Steve Cobb
Used by permission
From the November/December 2017 newsletter

cobb2aHook: Stainless steel hook, size 1/0.
Thread #1/nose: Red, 6/0.
Thread #2: White, 6/0.
Thread #2: White deer hair.
Beard/hair: White marabou (long).
Head/face: Sheep’s wool.
Hat brim: White marabou.
Hat: Red turkey flats.
Eyes: 5X tippet and Small black glass beads.
Hair: White marabou.
Adhesive: Head cement.
Tools: Sewing needle

A couple of years ago, during the holidays, I scratched out a sketch of a fly that I thought might be a fun tie for the Christmas season. The first few Santas to come off the vise were so hideous that I thought the big guy might cross me off the “nice list” permanently. But the marabou kept flying, and after a while, I had a fly that I thought captured the spirit of old St. Nick.

He’s undergone a few changes over the course of the years, with a couple different materials and a couple minor changes to make the tie a little easier. So here’s the recipe for my “Santa Fly.” There are lots of steps, but none of them is particularly difficult, so don’t be intimidated. Forget traditional fly tying: this recipe starts at the eye and works its way rearward. Have a jolly good time tying it…and don’t worry about that naughty list.

Illustrated instructions for tying the fly can be found at

If you are less ambitious, you can also purchase a giftable version of the fly at

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