Fishing at Tingley Beach

Fishing at Tingley Beach

Located adjacent to the Rio Grande Bosque, Tingley Beach consists of three fishing ponds that are open to the public, free of charge, from dawn to dusk. The street address is 1800 Tingley Drive SW. New Mexico Fishing Rules apply. All anglers age 12 and over are required to have a valid New Mexico fishing license. New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) representatives and/or ABQ BioPark Security monitor for license compliance. Visit the New Mexico Game and Fish website for stocking and fishing reports, complete fishing rules and other information. The Zoo and BioPark train stops at the Tingley Beach depot. Restrooms ... Read More
Rio Ruidoso Reclassification as 'Cool Water' Stream

Rio Ruidoso Reclassification as ‘Cool Water’ Stream

The combination of warm temperatures, low atmospheric pressures that occur at relatively high elevation and low dissolved oxygen are the basis for reclassifcation of the Rio Ruidoso ... Read More
Reminiscences of an Old Fly Fisherman

Reminiscences of an Old Fly Fisherman

By Wes Bigney Rigging When I get to the destination and am assembling the rod and lining up the guides I stand the rod against a rock or tree.  I never lay it on the ground or against the car to be stepped on by an errant foot or eaten by an auto door.  After I have run the line through the guides I do not coil any line on the ground where I can step on it and cut it against a stone or gravel.  I make sure the ferrules are seated. The Rod and Handling The taper transmits ... Read More
Fly Tying Tips

Fly Tying Tips

Tips from an experienced fly-tyer ... Read More
Tips & Skills - Catch and Release Techniques  

Tips & Skills – Catch and Release Techniques  

Noah Parker, Land of Enchantment Guides Releasing the fish we catch is the best way we have for preserving a quality fishery. If you want to have good fishing tomorrow, please release the fish you catch today. Just because a fish swims away after it leaves your hands, does not necessarily mean it is in good shape. A fish that is carelessly handled and then released, may die later the same day or may be so weakened and injured that it dies a week or month later. It takes care and caring to properly catch and release a fish so ... Read More

Fly Fishing Clinics in Sipapu 

Van Beacham, owner of the Solitary Angler, and his staff of certified instructors, are conducting free “quick start” fly-fishing classes every Saturday from 10:30-11:30 am. Sipapu is located just 20 miles southeast of Taos on Highway 518. The Río Pueblo flowing through the heart of the resort contains “some of the best small pocket water fishing in the state.” The resort also offers a private, stocked fishing pond for all visitors to enjoy for free. The state Department of Game and Fish typically stock the pond every other week. “Over the years I have have developed a unique technique that makes learning ... Read More

Cowles Fishing Reopens 

Cowles Ponds in the upper Pecos Canyon 20 miles north of Pecos are open to the public again, featuring a ramp and path designed for people who use wheelchairs. The ponds were closed The ponds were closed for improvements, which included draining and dredging to improve fish habitat. The project cost more than $380,000 and was paid for with funding from the state Habitat Stamp program, federal money and local donations. The ponds are periodically stocked with rainbow trout by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. One 12-foot-deep pond was built for children under age 11 and people with disabilities. The other pool is 8 ... Read More