Fly of the Month – The Baeta-gon

Pattern and photos by Eli Gonzales
From the December 2020 newsletter

These are a new style of baetis pattern.  They are designed to be fish seekers, and finders.  They use a flashy body material that I found in Portugal online at Just the right amount of flash can be a fish attractor and bring fish closer in to examine the flies you are fishing, hence more hook ups and action.


Hook – Firehole stick 718 size 22
Body – Thread underbody wrap, and a small strip of perdigon flash, wrapped over small thin layer of superglue.   You can substitute the perdigon flash for any if your favorite flash material, but keep it thin and streamline.
Thorax – Superfine gray dubbing, just a smidge, keep them thin.
Wingcase – Fluro fiber in black, and pulled back to create the legs also.
Tail – 3 paint brush tail fibers

Note:  Though it looks like there is a rib wrapped over the top of the abdomen, there is not.  That is the edge of the perdigon flash material.
Once again it’s a simple guide fly, you can keep them slim and tight, quick to fill a box with variety.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram, or email at you can also check out some videos or tying instructions on my web page     Thanks!