Fly of the Month – Renegade

From February-March 2016 newsletter
Fly, Notes and Photos by Steve Schalla

Used by Permission Hook: TMC 100 #12-18
Thread: Uni-thread Black 8/0
Body: Peacock Herl
Tag: Gold Mylar Tinsel
Rear Hackle: Brown hackle (Hen for wet fly, Rooster for dry fly)
Front Hackle: White hackle, 1-2 sizes larger than Rear hackle (Hen for wet fly, Rooster for dry fly) This pattern can be used on both river and lake. In small sizes it can work as a midge cluster pattern and, in larger sizes, it might be considered an attractor pattern. Devised in Idaho on the Malad River by guide ... Read More

Fly of the Month – Chocolate Cake

From the January 2016 newsletter Fly, Notes and Photos by Jerry Burton
Used by Permission Hook: Size 12 or 14, 2x heavy
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Thin strip of foam that is wrapped around the hook
Back: 1/4 inch wide strip of foam that is twice as long as the hook
Legs: rubber leg material, 2 pieces
On top: A round yellow (or other color) piece of sticky back foam cut with a single hole paper punch As we settle into winter it’s that time of the year when we can sit with our fly tying vises and create with fur, ... Read More

Fly of the Month – Hot Spot Gold Bead Pheasant Tail

From the September-October 2015 newsletter Fly of the Month – Hot Spot Gold Bead Pheasant Tail
Fly, Notes and Photos by Philip Rowley
Used by Permission Hook: Daiichi 1120, 1250, 1560,
Thread: MFC 8/0 or UTC 70 Hot Red,
Orange or Chartreuse
Underbody: Uni Stretch, Hot Orange
Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Rib: Fine Copper Wire
Body: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Wing Case: Pheasant Tail Fibers and
Mirage Opal Mylar
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Legs: Pheasant Tail Fibers
Bead: Gold (Brass or Tungsten) Tying Note: Coat wing case with a UV resin such as Loon’s UV Clear Fly Finish-Thick In the early ... Read More

Fly of the Month – Rowley Stone

Fly, Notes and Photos by Gilbert Rowley
Used by Permission Hook: Any nymph hook size 6-14 (Tiemco 5263) Bead: Gold Tungsten Thread: Olive 6/0 Weight: Lead wire .020 Tail: Natural or black goose biots Rib: Large copper wire Flash: Black Flashabou Abdomen: Peacock Semi-Seal dubbing Wing case: Black Swiss Straw Thorax: Peacock Semi-Seal dubbing Legs: Black-dyed hen saddle Collar: Bighorn orange Sow-Scud dubbing In streams where salmonfly, golden stone, and other large stonefly nymphs reside this pattern is deadly! If tied in smaller sized (10-14) it can also represent large mayfly nymphs such as the green drake. It is tied ... Read More

Fly of the Month – No Vise Tenkara Fly

Fly, Notes and Photo by Anthony Naples
Used by Permission
From the January 2015 Newsletter Hook: Eyeless Owner Keiryu Hook (available from Tenkara Bum) Body: Sewing Thread Eye: No. 2 Griffin Silk Bead Cord – (just do a google search)Hackle: Hen Pheasant Hackle A video of Anthony tying this fly is at Well another new year has somehow happened – they have a way of doing that don’t they? In spite of the inevitability of time’s (and life’s) runaway bulldozer, people annually attempt to grasp at the controls and so resolve to effect changes. Often these resolutions involve vices or more ... Read More

Fly of the Month – The Christmas Tree

Fly, Notes and Photo by Martin Joergensen
Used by Permission
from the December 2014 Newsletter Hook: Straight shank, down eye streamer hook, size 6-2 Thread: Red Underbody: Red chenille or yarn Tail, body and hackle: Clear Mylar tubing Head:Tying thread, varnished I honestly used to detest this fly! It’s so primitive, it is close to being embarrassing. It’s even ugly. It uses one material only and a crude and synthetic one at that. But… and there’s a but… I have to admit that it’s an efficient fly. It catches a lot of fish. I have caught fish on it in the ... Read More

Knot of the Month –  King Sling Loop

This is a simple and quick knot to tie, creating a non-slip loop in almost any size line. It is also extremely strong, retaining 95% of line strength. This loop can be used for larger streamers, to allow more action especially when using heavier leader. A disadvantage of the knot is that it uses a large amount of leader. Step 1: pass the leader through the hook eye and double back over the desired length of standing line, form a loop in the doubled line Step 2: twist the loop 3-5 times, keeping the loops level and not allowing them ... Read More

Fly of the Month – RS-2 Tube Brown Baetis

Fly, Notes and Photo by Tim Barker Used by Permission
From the September 2014 Newsletter HOOK: TMC 200R, #20-#22
THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black
TAIL: Two Moose Body fibers (or black barbetts)
ABDOMEN: Micro Tubing, Brown
WING: Premium CDC, Medium Dun, (TroutHunter)
THORAX: Hare-Tron Dubbin, Dark Brown
GLASS BEAD: Diamond, Killer Caddis, 15/0, Midge The RS-2, developed and designed by Rim Chung, is one of those must patterns for any fly box. It is like a Pheasant Tail or WD-40 when one needs useful Baetis/BWO patterns for Spring, Fall or anytime – anywhere…it JUST WORKS. This is a bit of a take ... Read More