Fly of the Month – Peeking Caddis   

From the January/February 2018 newsletter

Pattern, notes & photo by Gilbert Rowley
Used by permission

Hook: Jig style nymph size 14
Bead: Slotted Tungsten size 2.7-3.5mm
Body: Blend of SLF squirrel dubbing(natural, brown, black, and olive)
Rib: 4X Monofilament tippet
Legs: CDC in dubbing loop
Peeking caddis: Pearl core braid in chartreuse (also use pink, yellow, orange, and tan)

Here is a simple, yet effective pattern for early spring fishing. This is a peeking caddis tungsten nymph. I started fishing this pattern just over a year ago and it has been a great producer. The more I have been fishing with jig hook nymphs, the more I have been liking them. Since they ride hook point up, you can add more weight without the worry of snagging on the bottom. Without the worry of snagging the bottom, you can really go deep with these types of nymphs while fishing the European nymphing techniques.

I originally tied this pattern up to help me imitate some mothers day caddis hatches. This fly really works in the springtime and is a go to pattern that time of year, but I have also been using this fly as a general attractor nymph. I have since bought some pearl core braid in other bright colors that include orange and pink, and plan to fish these colors in the upcoming winter.

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