Meet the Board – Dave Marsh, President

Dave Marsh is originally from a small town in Arkansas where he grew up bass fishing, crappie fishing and duck hunting. He has a love for scuba diving, backpacking and horseback riding, played basketball in the state championships, played football and flew small airplanes. In college he was an ROTC member and afterwards went into the Army where he received two Masters Degrees in Contract Management.

Dave has worked with FEMA, the Corps of Engineers, the Air Force and Goodrich Space Systems just to name a few of his accomplishments. Retirement in 1993 lead to moving to Albuquerque and marketing pineapple sales for Las Briasa Farms in Costa Rica.

He became the Chairman of Ducks Unlimited and starting up fly fishing for trout after moving to New Mexico. He joined New Mexico Trout and rapidly became Vice President and started duck hunting with Jerry Burton. After Darien Padilla left as our New Mexico Trout President Dave was “gently coerced” by Jerry Burton while out duck hunting to become New Mexico Trout’s new president.

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting or hanging out with Dave you will quickly learn he is a great, fun loving guy. Plus he sure can run an efficient meeting getting things done for our New Mexico Trout organization and it’s members!