Meet the Board - Joe Raymond, Fly Tyers
Joe Raymond is originally from Troy, New York where he grew up fishing on the Hudson River with bait. He discovered and started to fly fish in 1991 after reading about it and got "hooked". At the time his boss got so tired of him talking fly fishing he actually gave him a day off to go and buy his first fly fishing equipment. He then went to the library and checked out a lot of books and immersed himself. Apart from living all over the world he has fished all over the world: Hawaii, New Zealand, Mongolia, Europe to ... Read More
Meet the Board - Adam Sena, Secretary
Adam Sena was born and raised in New Mexico in the South Valley. He's been fishing most of his life. He is a TSA Supervisor at the Albuquerque Airport where he has worked for 20 years. Adam says he has a lot of interesting stories from his job! Adam also ties flies and spends most of his free time off fishing. He joined NMT 10 years ago and became the NMT Secretary 2 years ago. He also does a lot of volunteering with Project Healing Waters. Next time you see Adam ask him to tell you one of his crazy ... Read More
Meet the Board - Dave Marsh, President
Dave Marsh is originally from a small town in Arkansas where he grew up bass fishing, crappie fishing and duck hunting. He has a love for scuba diving, backpacking and horseback riding, played basketball in the state championships, played football and flew small airplanes. In college he was an ROTC member and afterwards went into the Army where he received two Masters Degrees in Contract Management. Dave has worked with FEMA, the Corps of Engineers, the Air Force and Goodrich Space Systems just to name a few of his accomplishments. Retirement in 1993 lead to moving to Albuquerque and marketing ... Read More
New Board elected
At the  November 2021 meeting, Dave Marsh was elected president. Adam Sena was elected Secretary for second term. The other positions remain the same ... Read More
Meet the Board - Jan Rosenthal & Elizabeth Noyes, Newsletter Editors
We are lucky to have two women taking up the all-important job of sending out the newsletter. Jan is an electronics technical evaluator and Elizabeth is a retired veterinarian. Be sure to send them your news and articles ... Read More
Meet the Board – Rick Luitich
Shortly after relocating to Albuquerque while completing a career as a trainer for a major insurance carrier, I joined New Mexico Trout as a way to give a little back to the sport that has given my life so many hours of distraction, enjoyment and a few other emotions. My fishing career is a typical saga that began at an early age on the edge of a stream with a pole, a hook and a worm. In those days many a Saturday morning began with a sunrise hike to the stream to fishing the day away with friends. I followed ... Read More
Jerry Burton
Jerry Burton - Fish & Wildlife Advisor Jerry Burton joined New Mexico Trout in 1996 after he had retired from a career as a fish and wildlife biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. During his time with the Service he worked in the mid-west, southeast, northwest, and southwest. He worked on recovery efforts for Apache trout and Gila trout and many other threatened or endangered fish species. As New Mexico Trout's President Jerry chairs the monthly meetings, directs board meetings, and is one of our primary representatives to other organizations and government offices. After retirement from the Service he did endangered ... Read More