Meet the Board – Jan Rosenthal & Elizabeth Noyes, Newsletter Editors

Jan Rosenthal

Although I began my fishing experience as a kid on the lakes of Minnesota, I’m relatively new to fly fishing. My cousin introduced me to it only a few years ago, and I bought my first fly rod and reel in the summer of 2019. By March 2020, I was catching steelhead in Pennsylvania, and I took my first Orvis trip in July on the Yellowstone River in Wyoming and Montana!  I am hooked (pun intended)!!

I’m a Navy Veteran, and am currently employed by the Federal Aviation Administration as an electronics technical evaluator. As part of my job, I travel across the central United States, North Dakota to western New York, Arizona to Alabama, and most points in between, usually packing a fly rod or two. I enjoy camping, playing with my dogs, and tying flies. I love to fish any chance I get, and am always up for exploring new waters.  New Mexico has some amazing fisheries, and I’m excited to learn more about them through New Mexico Trout!

Elizabeth Noyes

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Noyes and I moved here to New Mexico in 2018. I had visited often when my son was in graduate school but he graduated and moved away for 3 years. When he moved back I decided it was time for a warmer climate and to be close to him. I am from Maine and have always lived in cold climates including eastern Montana and Minnesota for 16 years.

I am a recently retired veterinarian – 38 years was long enough. I started fly fishing for trout in 1984 when I quit and was then promptly fired from a job as a beef cattle vet in Circle, Montana. So I went to Dan Bailey’s Fly shop in Bozeman and bought my first fly rod and went fishing! I was hooked.

I’ve fished all over but found a true love of fishing for Brookies in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia. While in Virginia I volunteered with Project Healing Waters and Casting for recovery. I’m still figuring out the trout fishing here in New Mexico but now that I am retired I have more time to do that. I’m also building a tear drop camper trailer so I can drive farther and spend the night (NOT in a tent!).

I’m certainly no expert but I truly enjoy wandering around a river or a stream and being outside. I actually don’t care if I catch anything – but its always a bonus when I do! (And no… the fish don’t have to be HUGE – the Brookies taught me that the challenge is most of the fun anyway!)

I am glad to be here with this group and hope to get more involved and help any way that I can. I also look forward to meeting all of you and going exploring in the near future.

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