Meet the Board – Rick Luitich

Shortly after relocating to Albuquerque while completing a career as a trainer for a major insurance carrier, I joined New Mexico Trout as a way to give a little back to the sport that has given my life so many hours of distraction, enjoyment and a few other emotions.

My fishing career is a typical saga that began at an early age on the edge of a stream with a pole, a hook and a worm. In those days many a Saturday morning began with a sunrise hike to the stream to fishing the day away with friends. I followed the natural progression for many fishermen in the Finger Lakes region (Upstate New York) to bass fishing with artificial lures, medium-heavy rods and a bass boat for the next several decades. But, every year on opening day of trout season there I was back to pole, hook and worm, bait fishing for trout. The beginning of the end was set in motion when I pointed out the inconsistencies of our fishing tactics to my friend and challenging the both of us to learn how to catch trout without using bait. Thus began my fly fishing addiction. The next brilliant idea I had was how we could save a lot of money by tying our own flies, but that is another story that can be heard at Tuesday night Fly Tiers Round Table.

For the next seven years I learned to swing streamers for steelhead and salmon, indicator fish egg patterns, dry fly for browns and nymph for whatever is feeding along the bottom.

I retired in October of 2016 and have been pleasantly engaged in learning the variety of trout fishing opportunities here in New Mexico. I look forward to serving on the Board of Director and helping out in any way I can.