Fly of the Month – Christmas Tree Chironomid

Pattern and Notes by Rick Passek
Photograph by Hans Weilenmann
Used by permission

Hook: Size 8-16 Swimming Nymph hook
Bead: White Tungsten Bead
Thread: Olive Green 8/0 Uni
Rib: Extra small gold wire
Abdomen: Tying thread
Thorax: Peacock dubbing
Thorax: Loctite Brushable Super glue

I use this fly primarily under a strike indicator. When using it, I try to allow the fly to sink to the set depth, and instead of a REALLY slow retrieve I do a slightly quicker Figure 8 retrieve, as well as a good hard “POP” from time to time to impart some extra life in the fly. Once the “POP” has been done, I allow it to sit for a few seconds, give it a smaller “POP” and then continue with the figure 8 retrieve. I tie it on sizes 8-16, with 12-14 being the most productive.

More flies by Rick are can be found at on Rick’s website or  The Fly Fish Fanatic.

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