BWO Cripple

Tied by Jeremy Barela
Photo by Jeremy Barela

Hook: Daiichi 1180, size to match the hatch
Thread: Benecchi’s olive 12/0
Tail/Shuck: Rust colored antron trimmed length of body
Rib: Small copper wire
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail swords
Thorax: BWO superfine dub
Wing: Deer hair tied in tips towards the eye of the hook – Tie in the hair right before the Thorax so there is a wing pad above the thorax. You will cut the butt ends of the deer hair to create the wing pad.
Legs: Dun hackle tied in-between the wing pad and the tips of the deer hair.

This is one of the greatest patterns to fish during a BWO hatch. And with the fall months approaching, it’s a grand time to fish this pattern. Because this fly imitates the cripple stage of the BWO, trout key in on this due to its vulnerability. Blue Wing Olives hatch on most streams and vary in size, so don’t be afraid to tie these down to 18s or 20s.

Also, because I use a few materials on this fly that can be easily substituted, don’t be afraid to try other materials and create your own pattern. You can also take this same pattern and tie a PMD cripple as well as a Green Drake Cripple if you are headed up to fish some of the great waters in Colorado.