Call for volunteers

Habitat Stamp Logo CMYKThe New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is seeking individuals interested in serving as advisors to the Habitat Stamp Program. As volunteers, advisors review habitat plans, prioritize habitat improvement proposals and forward their recommendations to the Department. Advisors meet each winter to provide input to and review habitat conservation plans, and reconvene in the spring to prioritize habitat proposals. Besides meeting twice a year, advisors attend field tours in summer months and report Habitat Stamp Program restoration efforts to their peers. Citizen Advisors serve three-year terms. The State Game Commission will appoint 35 citizens at its meeting Nov. 14 in Taos. To volunteer to serve and to learn more information about the program, please visit the Habitat Stamp Program page. Application forms are available on the website or by contacting Dale Hall at (505) 222-4725 or email. Applications are due by 5 October 2013.

Come enjoy the crisp, autumn beauty of the Preserve during one, or both, of the October volunteer work days that are scheduled. Volunteers will spend the day collecting forest monitoring data in areas of the Preserve impacted by the recent Thompson Ridge Fire. The volunteer work days are:
• Friday, 4 October, 10 am – 4 pm
• Saturday 5 October, 10 am – 4 pm

For more information or to volunteer contact Lead Educator Brittney Van Der Werff by phone at 505-629-1418 or email