Willow planting on the Rio Cebolla - May 18
Join Rio Grande Return and New Mexico Trout to plant willows along Rio Cebolla to improve habitat for beavers and trout. Saturday, May 18 on the Rio Cebolla above Seven Springs Hatchery ... Read More
Observant NM Trout Member Busts Trespass Cattle
In October, a New Mexico Trout member who had been up on the Rio San Antonio just below the Valles Caldera boundary reported seeing cattle inside one of the large exclosures, as well as along the San Antonio in the Valles Caldera. They are not supposed to be in either place because of the extensive damage they have previously caused when grazing along the stream banks ... Read More
Rio Guadalupe Cleanup – Saturday April 9
New Mexico Trout has a tradition of welcoming the Spring opening of FR 376 between the Gilman Tunnels and Porter’s Landing with a volunteer trash pickup. That Forest Service road provides access to our Rio Guadalupe home water and it accumulates a lot of roadside trash over a season’s heavy use by the many people who visit that corridor. Doing these annual cleanups is one way we can express our thanks for the wonderful trout fishing opportunities the Rio Guadalupe affords, while we help maintain it in a state that we like to visit ... Read More
Creating Miracles in the Desert: Restoring Dixie Creek
The linked YouTube video describes a long-term restoration project along Dixie Creek, a small stream near Elko, Nevada. Thirty-two years ago, the BLM fenced a segment of the creek to exclude cattle. Over the years, BLM staff photographed the recovery of the stream and its adjacent riparian area. The amazing result is a testament to the resilience of natural systems and shows what can result if they are just allowed to recover. We encourage you to watch the video and be encouraged that streams can recover if we are persistent ... Read More
Stream Temperature Monitoring in Jemez Streams
Water temperature critically affects the suitability of a given stream for health and survival of trout. New Mexico Trout is embarking on a project with the Santa Fe National Forest to monitor stream temperatures ... Read More
Volunteers needed for RG cutthroat stocking - October 19
Staff from Bandelier National Monument and NMDGF will be stocking RGCT into Capulin Creek the morning of Tuesday October 19th. They have requested volunteers from TU and NM Trout to help carry fish down into Capulin Canyon ... Read More
Conservation Project Report- Rio de las Vacas
About twenty volunteers from NM Trout and the Truchas Chapter of Trout Unlimited joined forces on a conservation project, along with two grazing permitees ... Read More
Rio Guadalupe Nominated for Outstanding National Resource Water
by Ron Loehman, Conservation Chair The following is an excerpt from the NM Trout's testimonial submitted in support of the Rio Guadalupe nomination as Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW). The Rio Guadalupe exhibits all of the characteristics of an Outstanding National Resource Water. It is a delightful, free-flowing stream with high water quality in an exceptional scenic setting that is a treasured recreational resource. The Rio Guadalupe arises at about 7200 feet in elevation in New Mexico's Jemez Mountains at the confluence of the Rio Cebolla and the Rio de las Vacas, the site of the old settlement of Porter's ... Read More