Winner of the Christmas raffle

Our raffle for a Winston Boron IIX TU Special fly rod, culminated in the selection of a winner from the 126 tickets sold for the raffle. Rick Pettit is the lucky gentleman who won the rod. The prize was delivered just before Christmas and needless to say he was ecstatic. Our thanks to Milt McConnell for donating this new rod for the raffle. Thanks also to all who purchased raffle tickets for this outstanding fly rod. Yes, there could only be one winner, but with the kind of support the club received through ticket sales it’s easy to see why ... Read More
Time to renew your membership

Time to renew your membership

Brian Beaudoin, Membership Chair
[from February 2014 newsletter] It’s that time again…time to renew your New Mexico Trout membership. NMT’s memberships are based on the calendar year; January to December. There are a several levels of membership:
  • Regular – $30
  • Family – $35
  • Junior – $15
  • Lifetime – $500
  • Individual sponsor – $60
  • Business – $150
  • Corporate sponsor – $250
Note: If you have already received your 2014 membership card or are a NMT Life member; you do not need to renew. If you’re not sure, email us at newmexicotrout@gmail.com. You can join or renew your membership in ... Read More

NM Trout Conclave 2014

[From February 2014 newsletter] con·clave –  noun \kän-klāv\ – gathering or meeting of a group or association New Mexico Trout’s Conclave is the annual gathering of our membership and guests, and always provides some exceptional talent and a memorable experience for attendees… and this year will be no exception. Through exhibits, displays and excellent lectures, participants will learn new techniques and tips. There will be several fishing related clinics throughout the day including casting (for kids and adults), knot tying and beginning fly tying. As always, there will be chances to win all sorts of great fly fishing gear and ... Read More
Newsletter - January 2013

Newsletter – January 2013

Content: Volunteer Opportunities, Fly Fishing Film Tour, NMT Membership, Conservation News, Fly of the Month, NMT Fashions, Meet the Board January 2013 (pdf) ... Read More
Newsletter - December 2012

Newsletter – December 2012

Contents: Trip of the Year, Fly Fishing Film Tour, Trout and Drought, NMT Membership, Red River, Fly of the Month, NMT Fashions, Meet the Board December 2012 (pdf) ... Read More
Newsletter - October-November 2012

Newsletter – October-November 2012

Contents: Beaver Conservation, Elections, Been There Done That, NMT Membership, Fish Return, Fly of the Month, Meet the Board October-November 2012 (pdf) ... Read More
Newsletter - August-September 2012

Newsletter – August-September 2012

Contents: Brown Trout Rescue, Volunteer Opportunity, Drought, Fly of the Month, Meet the Board August-September 2012 (pdf) ... Read More
Newsletter - June/July 2012

Newsletter – June/July 2012

Contents: Annual BBQ/Workday, Valles Caldera Fishing, Cimarroncita Raffle, Fish Rescue, Quality Camping, Fly of the Month, Meet the Board June-July 2012 (pdf) ... Read More