Time to renew your membership

Brian Beaudoin, Membership Chair
[from February 2014 newsletter]

It’s that time again…time to renew your New Mexico Trout membership. NMT’s memberships are based on the calendar year; January to December.

There are a several levels of membership:

  • Regular – $30
  • Family – $35
  • Junior – $15
  • Lifetime – $500
  • Individual sponsor – $60
  • Business – $150
  • Corporate sponsor – $250

Note: If you have already received your 2014 membership card or are a NMT Life member; you do not need to renew. If you’re not sure, email us at newmexicotrout@gmail.com.

You can join or renew your membership in two ways. We appreciate your effort to pay online as it will be ‘The Green Thing To Do’ and will save money in our mailings, postage and printing costs.

  1. Send in payment with a membership form (with a check) or
  2. Online using PayPal or a credit card

Active members can participate in a variety of activities that include:

  • Monthly meetings
  • Annual educational conclaves
  • Fishing clinics and fly-tying workshops
  • Conservation & habitat protection and enhancement projects

All of these provide opportunities for members to get together. New flyfishers meet more experienced fishers. People find others with similar interests. We welcome your renewal and thank you for your continued support. After you have renewed, your 2014 membership card will be mailed to you.