Website navigation
The new website has a consistent look to each page. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the features and it will help you quickly find what you need. ... Read More
Why register?
A summary of why one should register and the features of browsers, registered users and contributors ... Read More
How to register as a user
Tutorial on how to register and set up preferences as a simple registered user ... Read More
Commenting on posts
1. Posts vs. pages 2. How to make a comment. 3. What happens when you comment? ... Read More
Becoming a contributor
1. You have to be a registered user. 2. Someone has to approve you. 3. Submitting a post for approval. 4. Editing posts and replying to comments. 5. You can request to be an author, which means posts do not have to be approved ... Read More
Adding events to the calendar
1. The calendar itself is public and you can add it to a google calendar or iCalendar on a Mac 2. Users have to be approved to add events to the calendar, which automatically are updated. 3. How you add an event on the google calendar ... Read More