CDC Comparadun

Tied by Jeremy Barela
Photo by Jeremy Barela


Hook: Daiichi 1180 #16-22
Thread: Benechi Dark Dun 12/0
Tail: Dark Dun micro-fibets, split
Body: Dun hackle quill
Thorax: Superfine Adams Gray dubbing
Wing: Natural Dun CDC Type 1 feather

Last issue, I tied a great cripple pattern and have followed that up with one of my favorite comparadun patterns to tie and use – a Quill body CDC Comparadun. Nothing gives a fly a more realistic look than a quill. A.K. Best is well known for his quill-bodied style of tying, which this pattern can be attributed to.

I have used this pattern on almost every watershed I have fished and have had great success with it. Being this is the October issue, I thought what a perfect time to introduce a great pattern for those who love to fish the San Juan River while it is painted with breath taking fall colors. This pattern is best fished with small tippet and a fly first presentation. While on a trip to the Frying Pan River with my friend Jude Duran, we spent hours fishing to rising fish with this one pattern and had the best time of our lives!

Hopefully you will find this as an easy tie and will also have the same success I have had in the past. Tight lines!