Fish Tank at Walatowa Visitor Center has a New Home at Valles Caldera 

The Forest Service has asked us to remove the aquarium setup at the Walatowa visitor center which NMT purchased for them in 2003. The NMT Board of directors posted the “free to a good home” notice on the NM Sci Teachers’ web site and got a bunch of requests.  Of them, the Board selected the Valles Caldera as having an intended purpose closest to our original intent of education and awareness of our native fish and fisheries.

 Kimberly DeVall at the Valles Caldera Preserve said they will maintain it as a native fish display in the visitor center. The 180 gallon aquarium has in the past served as a home for long nose dace, Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Rio Grande suckers and Rio Grande chubs, and is expected to continue to host these native species.

From the January 2015 Newsletter