Fly of the Month – Depth Charge Midge

Photograph and Notes by Tim Barker
Used by permission

HOOK: Daiichi 1250, or TMC 206 BL, #18-#20, TMC 200R, #18-#22
THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, White
RIB: Lagartun, x-Fine, Copper
WINGLETS: Mirage Opal Tinsel, SM
THORAX: Ice Dub, UV Brown
BEAD # 1.: Black Tungsten, sized to hook
BEAD # 2.: Killer Caddis, Diamond, 15/0

So I wanted to play around with a new Midge pattern for late Fall and Winter Fly Fishing on two of the tail waters we visit when the snow flies in the Eastern Sierras and it’s time for a hand numbing experience… This pattern comes from the Spirit River collection of flies for 2012…I do not know who first came up with it but the monicker “depth charge” I would have to attribute to Greg Vinci since he has created versions that cover the “Bird’s Nest”, Stone Flies and Caddis (X-Ray larvae and Pupae)… This pattern may also be tied in Brown, Gray, Olive, Black or Red using Gordon Griffith 14/0 thread or other Tiemco colors…the bead,and rib colors may also be changed for what works in a particular area. For #20 and #22, the thorax dubbing may be omitted…

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