Fly of the Month – Gordon’s Cicada

Fly and Notes by John Gordon
Photo by Hans Weilenmann
Used by permission
From August 2013 newsletter

Hook: Tiemco 101 (size #22)
Thread: 8/0 Uni-thread (Fire orange) and Uni-stretch 1X (Orange)
Body: Rainey’s round black foam, medium size
Under wing: Bill Skiltons wasp wing material
Wing: Elk hair
Head: Deer hair Black
Body: Grizzly Barred rubber legs. Medium orange (Hareline product)
Indicator: 2mm foam (Red)

This is a variation of the Criss Cross Cicada pattern. This is tied to represent a species of cicada found in the Southern Rocky Mountains. These tend to be on the smaller side (compared to the very large green ones found at lower elevations). These have a short stubby black body with distinctive orange markings on the abdomen and legs. They usually appear in late May to early June. When these terrestrials are present the fish key in on them. This is a very effective pattern and does not require a nice delicate presentation. Just slap it down on the water as you would when fishing a hopper pattern. Pay extra attention below low hanging trees and near bushes. I also like to use a wide gap hook as I think it produces a better hook up ratio.

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