Fly of the Month – Greg’s Incredible Egg

Fly, Notes and Photo by Greg Thomas
Used by Permission
From March 2014 newsletter

372Hook: Scud Hook, size 16
Thread: Orange
Body: Orange yarn

As amazing as it sounds, we’re on the cusp of quality trout fishing in the Rockies. Which brings me to this question: What is your favorite spring setup?

I’ll explain mine here. It’s so rudimentary it’s almost embarrassing. What I like about this combination, however, is that the patterns are easy to tie so you don’t have to worry about breaking your rig off on the bottom, which is usually where you need to place this setup to catch fish. And what is that setup? Greg’s Incredible Egg and a standard Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph.

I catch more fish on the egg than I do on the PT. And that’s good because I can tie the egg pattern in about 15 or 20 seconds. All I do is take a scud hook, typically a size 16, and wrap orange thread onto it, covering the hook and leaving the thread, ultimately, hanging near the center of the hook. Then I take a little pinch of egg material and pinch it to the hook. I wrap the thread over the center of the egg yarn then wrap behind the yarn and  in front of the yarn. Then I wind the thread to the hook eye and whip finish. I don’t even bother gluing the head. If you’re off center with your egg material don’t even worry. It doesn’t matter! The fish aren’t picky during spring and they will eat the thing as long as it’s pink or orange and drifting in a river.

I fish those flies with or without an indicator. I’ve always felt that you can learn how to fish nymphs best by not using an indicator, but an indicator makes things easy for sure. Up to you. Under the indicator and attached just a few inches above the GIE are split shot, which gets the offering to the bottom quickly. That’s where you need to be so there’s no reason to wait for your patterns to sink slowly. Put some lead on the leader and get those suckers down. Two split shot. Three split shot. Five split shot? Depends on the depth and speed of the water you’re fishing and what size shot you’re using. I don’t like cannonballs. I prefer BB split shot. I attach as many of those as I need to get down. Then the eating begins.

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