Fly of the Month – Morrish Hopper   

From the May/June 2014 Newsletter
Fly, Notes and Photo by Eric Paramore
Used by Permission

398Hook: Size 6-12, 2XL long curved shank hopper or nymph hooks

Thread: Light colored 8/0 or 10/0 thread, such as Veevus brand.

Body: 5mm thick two-tone foam, cut in teardrop shape (or glue two colors of 2.5mm thick foam together).

Post: 1mm thick, high-vis orange foam cut in triangular shape.

Legs: Zebra Hopper Legs, Natural/Medium, 8 inch strand.

I first posted how to tie the Morrish Hopper in 2010 and have had great fishing results and fun tying different version of the realistic hopper pattern over the years. I had great success with different colored bodies like cream, flesh, green, yellow, and especially purple. I added a white poly wing to the hopper for the ultimate hopper/dropper fly and rough water fly. I also tied the hopper with various leg materials and styles, including thunder thigh legs, and madame-x style legs. My tutorial produces a great looking fly that is durable and can be tied quickly.

[Editor’s note: with the abundance of grasshoppers in New Mexico recently, this will be a great pattern if tied in yellow and light brown.]

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