Fly of the Month – RS-2 Tube Brown Baetis

Fly, Notes and Photo by Tim Barker
Used by Permission
From the September 2014 Newsletter

HOOK: TMC 200R, #20-#22
THREAD: Tiemco 16/0, Black
TAIL: Two Moose Body fibers (or black barbetts)
ABDOMEN: Micro Tubing, Brown
WING: Premium CDC, Medium Dun, (TroutHunter)
THORAX: Hare-Tron Dubbin, Dark Brown
GLASS BEAD: Diamond, Killer Caddis, 15/0, Midge


The RS-2, developed and designed by Rim Chung, is one of those must patterns for any fly box. It is like a Pheasant Tail or WD-40 when one needs useful Baetis/BWO patterns for Spring, Fall or anytime – anywhere…it JUST WORKS. This is a bit of a take off, with a micro tube abdomen and Glass Bead. The late Shane Stalcup has this pattern in his book, “Mayflies – Top to Bottom”. He uses partridge for legs…I started using this pattern long ago and used them exclusively (with glass beads),for two weeks, on the Madison River, at $3.00 Bridge – to test their effectiveness. They are machines…this variation may be tied in many colors using various shades of micro tubing, differing thread colors beneath the abdomen and fine dubbings.

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