Volunteers Needed: Trout Relocation Project on the Valles Caldera

by Dave Menicucci
June 15, 2013

The purpose of the project is to monitor movements of trout after they have been moved from high population areas to lower population areas on the Rio San Antonio (RSA) on the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Volunteers will help with the tagging and reintroduction.  Approximately a dozen people and three vehicles will be needed, along with six 5-gallon buckets.  We need at least four volunteers capable of carrying the trout in half-full buckets (20 lb each) from the stream to the vehicles or from the vehicles to the reintroduction sites, and to run the shocker, which weighs about 35 lbs and is carried on a backpack.  It is a one-day project, probably starting at the staging area Saturday, June 15th around 8am and ending at the staging area at 4pm with a break for lunch.  The project will provide box lunches. We are also soliciting volunteers from Trout Unlimited and Friends of Valles Caldera.

RSVP to Dave Menicucci at dmenicucci1@comcast.net

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