Women on the Water

Mary Rosel, Women’s Activities Chair

Hello, my name is Mary Rosel. I’ve recently been appointed by the New Mexico Trout Board to help create a community of women who want to fish!!

Wouldn’t it be fun to know an organized group of women that want to take fishing trips, learn fly fishing skills and techniques, participate in some guided events and learn more about conservation and other related topics? The possibilities are endless. If you would be interested in becoming a part of this newly formed community or know of someone, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at women@newmexicotrout.org. We can arrange a time to visit on the phone or via e-mail. I can try to answer any questions you may have. I’m also in the process of creating a survey to send out to those I’ve been in contact with to find out more about them and what they want to see in this group.

On a very important note, there is a lot of uncertainty in our lives right now. This new project is not nearly as important as our safety, health and well being not only as a community but as a nation. I started this project before the craziness began to evolve. I would like to see it through but only when the timing is right. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy. We can use our electronic devices and social networks to reach one another to stay connected.   I look forward to hearing from you!