2023 Conclave Speakers

Devin Olsen

Devin Olsen, Team USA member and fly-tying specialist, will be leading the Friday workshop at UNM Continuing Education Center, 1634 University Blvd. Participants will learn the art and techniques of fly typing employed by Devin, and will have the opportunity to create their own flies under Devin’s guidance. This workshop is open to people of all skill levels. You will need to bring your own tools and materials. All necessary materials can be obtained from Los pines Fly Shop. They can also provide you with a list of needed materials.

Noah Parker

Noah started fishing at very early age with his father on many of the classic trout streams in the Catskills and New England. During his youth he often fished with family friends Ernie Schwiebert and Arnold Gingrich, both of whom inspired his love of fly fishing. At about ten years old, Noah also started tying flies and selling them to make extra money. A great influence on his early fly tying endeavors were Harry and Elsie Darby who encouraged and helped him to learn the craft. In his early twenties, Noah’s love of the water and all things involving fishing led him to a career as a commercial fisherman. Working off the coast of New England, he ran his own boats fishing for lobster, cod and bluefin tuna (see the picture to the left of Shane & Noah).

After over twenty years on the ocean, he has gone back, full time, to his first love of fly fishing and fly-tying. Noah moved with his family to northern New Mexico in 2004, where he has been fishing and guiding ever since.

$30 for Friday workshop
$30 for Saturday Conclave
$50 for both
Kids 13 and under are free with a paying adult
Tickets are available at online and at Los Pinos Fly Shop, 4360 Cutler Ave NE.