Board Changes

The Board would like to welcome to our group Jon Goecke. Jon comes to us from his participation in the Project Healing Waters Program headed up by Dave Patton. Jon is a new resident to New Mexico and member to New Mexico Trout. He brought the idea to the board to be the club’s fishmaster, his duties will be to organize fishing outings for clubs members. He ran a similar program to take veterans hunting while living in Arizona. We would like to welcome Jon and his talents to the club and board of directors.

The board would also like to announce some changes within the existing group. Mike Maes has generously agreed to take over the membership chair duties from Brian Beaudoin who is moving on to chair the F3T and Conclave committees. We would like to thank them for their past efforts and support them in their new ones. If you see these gentlemen around please pass on some words of thanks for their efforts.