Conservation: Catch and Release Designation for the Rio Chama

Ron Loehman, Conservation Chairman
From the October/November Newsletter

For the past several years Noah Parker has been working to have the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMG&F) designate parts of the Rio Chama as a catch and release fishery. He has received support from most, if not all, of the people who guide on the Chama, as well as a number of the local residents and many of the anglers he meets on the river. However, Noah has not received any encouragement from the responsible staff at NMG&F. Noah convinced me that catch and release would significantly improve the quality of the fishing on the Chama and that this issue would be worthy of New Mexico Trout’s support. I’d like to hear from any NM Trout members who want to weigh in on the issue. Noah can be reached at