Fly of the Month – Bat Wing Baetis Emerger   

Fly, Notes and Photo by Tim Barker
Used by Permission
From April 2014 Newsletter

Thread: Gordon Griffith’s 14/0, Gray or Olive, Tiemco 16/0 Gray

Hook: TMC 2487 or Daiichi 1130, #16-#20

Tail: Dun Hen Hackle Barbs

Abdomen: BWO or Olive Goose Biot ( I use Stalcup’s)…it may be tied fringed or flat

Wing: Fluffy, butt end of a Dun Hen feather, mounted convex side up and pulled over Abdomen and Bead

Abdomen: Brown or Dark Tan Beaver

Bead: Gun Metal Glass or Black Metal sized to hook

I have done some ties for Casting For Recovery and a drawing box over at Fly Fishing Addicts…this is one of the flies I have completed for deployment in the coming months by myself and a few other fly fisher persons…I have the utmost confidence that this will put the users into good Trout…I just don’t tie for any other reason – it’s a utilitarian point of view. This particular fly has accounted for more Trout than any other except for the KF Emerger, which is one of the first patterns I put up. I fish this fly from the bottom to the top of the water column…it bangs ’em all the way…I included this pattern, in this batch of flies for others, because it is a MACHINE…PERIOD

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