Fly of the Month – Foam Back Emerger

Fly, Notes and Photo by Juan Ramirez
Used with Permission

Hook: TMC 2488
Thread: MFC 8/0
Rib: X-Small copper wire
Body: thread
Wing: White foam stub
Thorax: superfine dubbing

The Foam Back Emerger is one of my favorite flies to fish year round. It’s proven it’s self time after time. I used to fish them a lot in size 20, but recently, I have been using them more in size 26. They are still pretty easy to tie in that size. Everything is just a bit smaller and there is less space to place it on, but it’s doable. A great fly to use during the BWO hatch, I only tie them in chocolate color and have found that a trailing shuck may be useful and I do add that to most of my bigger (#20!) flies.

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