Fly of the Month – Veevus Serendipity

 From the July 2014 Newsletter
Fly, Notes and Photo by Tim Barker
Used by Permission

 Hook: TroutLegend N/D Hook, #14-16

Thread: Tiemco 16/0, Black

Rib: Ultra Wire, Fluorescent Yellow, Small

Abdomen: Veevus IRIS Thread, Olive – Coat with Hard As Hull

Wing: White Z-Lon

These types of Serendipities are just plain deadly. I would wager that over the course of a year’s fishing, this simple little pattern will take more Trout than any other Caddis type attractor in sizes #14 -#18…that is why my boxes are full of them… beaded, unbeaded, on curved and straight hooks. These patterns may be quickly tied. I have had super glue (Hard as Hull) swept over the covering thread wraps… so that the flies last longer than me. They are fished from the bottom to just under the surface of the water column, dead drift and swung…

[Editor: A variation of the classic Serendipity style midge/caddis pupa, this pattern uses a straight hook and slightly larger wing. A key ingredient is Veevus IRIS thread; manufactured by a Danish company, this strong thread has iridescent sparkles to provide some flash to the fly.]

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