Knot of the Month – Quick Dropper Knot

415From the July 2014 Newsletter

This knot is very easy to tie, and can be constructed in a matter of a few seconds. It is still fairly strong, retaining about 90% of line strength. As an alternative to the traditional Dropper Loop, which requires several wraps, this is useful when there is a fly already tied to the leader because it does not require the leader tag end to pass through the loop.

Step 1: Tie a double overhand knot (two wraps instead of one) in the end of the dropper line. This will form a non-slip knot at the end of the dropper line. Trim the tag, but not too close to the knot.

Step 2: Form a loop in the leader where you want the dropper attached.

Step 3-4: Pull the standing line of the leader through the loop you just created, forming a loop through which you pass the dropper line with the knot.

Step 5: Pull both ends of the leader to tighten on the dropper line.