NM Game and Fish News

New Mexico Game and Fish Department (NMGFD) have been active in Winter stocking of rainbow and triploid rainbow trout. Over the past week alone, nearly 25,000 fish have been stocked in area lakes,ponds, ditches and streams. Over the past month, nearly 70,000 fish have been stocked. More on their website.

As part of the planned restoration of the native Rio Grande cutthroat to the Costilla river basin, in August, NMGFD applied CFT Legumine (Rotenone) to Casias Creek, a tributary of Costilla Reservoir, to eliminate non-native fish species. Rotenone is a naturally occurring compound that is derived from the roots of a tropical plant of the bean family. Rotenone compounds have been used by people worldwide for centuries to stun and kill fish for food.  CFT Legumine is a commercially available formulation of rotenone.

NMGFD says Eagle Nest Lake is half-covered with ice and is closed to boating for the season, although the lake is open for bank fishing where there is open water. Ice fishing will be allowed as soon as officials determine the ice is safe for walking and angling, at least nine inches thick.

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