Notes from the President

At the December meeting, we will have the drawing for a bamboo rod. There still are some blank spaces on the on the raffle board and we will be selling those at both the November and December general meetings. If you have not gotten in on the raffle, you will have two more opportunities to do so. The rod is going to be a great Christmas present for some lucky winner.

Want a chance to express your concerns about how the U.S. Forest Service is managing your public lands in the Santa Fe National Forest? An Open Houses will be held on November 14 at the Walatowa Visitor Center, Jemez Pueblo, and on December 7 at the Supervisors Office. All will be from 1 to 3:30pm. More information concerning the Open Houses can be obtained from their website at:

We are looking for a Club member to step forward and be the Director of Youth Programs. If you are interested please contact me at I, and many other Club members, enjoy working with this program so you will not be alone.

Lastly, make sure when you get your 2017 calendar that you circle February 11, the Saturday we will have our annual Conclave.

Jerry Burton, President NMT