November 2022 General Meeting – 11/9/2022

Wednesday, 9 November 7:00 pm
Please note the change of date from Tuesday to Wednesday (conflict with election day)

Water in a Warming World
Henry Fountain
, Reporter for the New York Times 

Water plays a central role in many of the unprecedented changes occurring in our warming Earth. We have too little water in some places and way too much in others. It is melting at accelerating rates from the polar ice caps. As water warms, it holds less oxygen (bad for fish), becomes more acid (from reaction with CO2), and evaporates more readily (driving monsoons and hurricanes). This presentation will include some of my recent reporting on drought in the Colorado River basin, adaptation strategies being applied on the Yakima River, and the effects of massive monsoon flooding in Pakistan. The talk will also describe the work of Science on the Fly, a private organization that does long-term water chemistry sampling on more than 300 rivers in the U.S. and internationally.

Henry Fountain is a reporter for the New York Times who covers the science of climate change and its impacts. He also has written about the underlying science and of hurricanes, monsoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters. He is a volunteer for Science on the Fly. His monitoring sites are on the Jemez River at La Junta, and the Rio Guadalupe below the Gilman Tunnels.

Vice President & Secretary Elections

In accordance with our by-laws, we will hold an election for Vice President and Secretary in November. The electee’s will take office on 1 January 2023 for a two-year term. We have one candidate for each office. Bruce Newton will stand for the VP position, and Adam Sena, our incumbent Secretary, will stand for re-election.

Any member can nominate themselves, or another member (but you need the nominee’s approval before nominating them). Please email Dave Marsh at if you have a nomination to proffer.

We continue to have our monthly general membership meetings at the North 4th Street Art Center, 4904 4th Street NW, just north of Griegos (Comanche Rd west bound from I-25 turns into Griegos at Edith).

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