Update on the Valles Caldera Fishing Clinics

Francis Peter, Youth Program Chair

So far, the Valles Caldera has not been hit by extreme flooding except for some runoff on Redondo Creek. That seems to be the source for much of the ash coming down the Jemez. As reported in the Albuquerque Journal, much of the Thompson Ridge fire has been beneficial to the VNCP. But some of the areas affected by the Los Conchas fire continue to be impacted by flooding and erosion into the rivers.

146All of the buildings in the Historic Ranch district are intact. Some Jerzy barriers and sandbags have been placed to prevent any damage from potential flooding. The Bunkhouse will not be open for the Aug Fly Fishing clinics.

The Valles Caldera staff and I are still planning to have the Aug 24/25 clinics. With the Bunkhouse closed, alternative sleeping arrangements for Friday and Sat evenings are yet to be confirmed. Anyone interested in participating in the Fly Fishing Clinics should contact Francis Peter (fepeter@outlook.com or 505-980-3444).

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