Volunteer opportunities!

Outdoor Expo, August 16-18
Contact Francis Peter, fepeter@outlook.com or 505-980-3444

The New Mexico Game & Fish Outdoor Expo will be held at Shooting Range Park on Friday, Aug 16 through Sunday Aug 18. Volunteers are requested to help with Fly Tying and Fly Casting during this show. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Francis Peter with your preference for day and morning/afternoon participation. Most materials and equipment will be provided by the Outdoor Expo.

New Mexico Trout will be honored at the Outdoor Expo as the Aquatic Resource Education Volunteer Group of the Year for our work supporting Tingley Beach and other Game & Fish projects. Anyone who has volunteered at Tingley, Fenton, or the Outdoor Expo is invited to the recognition BBQ dinner on Saturday (Aug 17) evening at the Outdoor Expo dining tent.

Boy Scouts, August 9
Contact Francis Peter, fepeter@outlook.com or 505-856-1771

Francis Peter is looking for a volunteer or two to go to Gorham Scout Ranch to teach fly casting and fly tying for the Powderhorn Skills course on Friday Aug 9. We would drive to Gorham on Thurs (Aug 8) afternoon and spend the night. Classes start at 7:30 am at Santa Cruz Lake. We would teach three 1.5 hour sessions to three groups. Each group divided into two for the Casting and Tying means effectively 6 sessions of 45 minutes each. We would be done at noon. A tent and meals would be provided by the Boy Scouts. Anyone interested should contact Francis Peter.

Comanche Creek restoration, August 16-18
Contact Quivira Coalition, (505) 820-2544 or register online

For the last decade, dedicated volunteers have gathered in the Comanche Creek Watershed to help the water run clear and cool with the goal of improving Rio Grande cutthroat trout habitat. The Quivira Coalition is hosting a volunteer work weekend in the Comanche Creek Watershed this summer on August 16-18. We invite you to register for these fun and rewarding work weekends! With the expert guidance of restoration experts Steve Carson of Rangeland Hands, Inc. and Craig Sponholtz of Dryland Solutions, Inc., we will be restoring degraded sites in an upper tributary of Comanche Creek – Grassy Creek. Work will include building log and fabric step fall structures, media lunas, worm ditches, tree-length log mats and rock dams. If you are interested, contact the Quivira Coalition.

NMT Work Project, September 21
Contact Ron Loehman, ronloehman@gmail.com

Our next NMT Volunteer Project will take place on Saturday, September 21. We will help the Forest Service build an elk exclosure on the Rio San Antonio, between the San Antonio hot spring and the Valles Caldera boundary. This project will aid trout recovery by allowing willows, alders, and other riparian vegetation to recover from past overgrazing. If you are interested, contact Ron Loehman.

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