Valles Caldera Landscape Restoration & Stewardship Plan

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Landscape Restoration and Stewardship Plan (Stewardship Plan) is available for public review and comment!

This 10-year plan is being created for the restoration and management of the forest, grassland, shrubland, and riparian ecosystems on the preserve. Proposed activities include, forest thinning, wildland fire management, road closure, decommissioning, maintenance and repair; riparian restoration, erosion control, and noxious weed eradication and control.

  • Move the structure, composition, and function of the preserve’s natural systems towards the reference condition.
  • Reduce the potential for wildland fire to burn with uncharacteristic severity or extent.
  • Reintroduce wild land fire as a natural disturbance and beneficial process on the landscape.
  • Improve the terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat characteristics.
  • Improve water quality and watershed function.
  • Repair and rehabilitate areas adversely affected by historic infrastructure, wildfire, post fire flooding, and erosion.
  • Enhance the objectives on surrounding lands and benefit local communities and businesses.

325You may access the plan and comment using an online public comment system. You can also submit your comments via email to: , or surface mail to: The Valles Caldera Trust, P.O.Box 359, Jemez Springs, NM 87025.

Public comments on the DEIS will be accepted through September 26, 2013.
From September 2013 newsletter