Unique NM License Plate Offered

by Jerry Burton, NM Trout President
From the November/December 2017 newsletter

lisenceThe other day my wife noted as we were driving in Albuquerque that she could not recall another state that has the variety of license plates that we have here in New Mexico. Now we fishers can have one with the state fish, the Rio Grande cutthroat, on our plate. Initial cost for the plate is $27, with $15 going to the Share with Wildlife Program. The program also receives $10 of the annual $12 plate renewal fee. The funds would be used for research, habitat improvements, rehabilitation programs and education throughout the state. All donations fund projects, not program administration.

To order the new plate, please visit the department’s website at www.wildlife.state.nm.us/share to download the order form used to purchase the plate from state Motor Vehicle Division. The plate can only be purchased through regular mail.

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