Valles Caldera Fishing for 2016 Season

Photo by Roger Blake

The East Fork of the Jemez, Jaramillo Creek, the Rio San Antonio, and the Rito do los Indios are open to fishing year round, as long as they are not frozen.  Vehicle access requires a Backcountry Vehicle Permit, and 35 permits will be issued daily on a first-come basis at the Valles Caldera visitor center until 30 September.  The free permits are for general access to the backcountry and there is no special quota for anglers. There is no additional cost for the Vehicle Access Permit beyond the general entry fee for the Preserve. A valid New Mexico fishing license is required and all waters fall under the NMDG&F Special Trout Water regulations. Additional details are at:

Note that anglers should be prepared for bear encounters, since the recent black bear attack on a women marathoner. The National Park Service recommends that “if a bear approaches you, stand up tall and make loud noises- shout, clap hands, clang pots and pans. When done immediately, these actions have been successful in scaring bears away. However, if attacked, fight back! Never try and retrieve anything once a bear has it. Report all incidents to a park ranger.” Additional safety recommendations for the Valles Caldera are at