San Juan River Enhancements Planned
The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish began a river enhancement project in December on the San Juan River from Simon Point Day-Use Area downriver to the Crusher Hole Day-Use Area. Temporary closures of multiple day-use areas are expected until April 2018 ... Read More
Rio Ruidoso Reclassification as 'Cool Water' Stream
The combination of warm temperatures, low atmospheric pressures that occur at relatively high elevation and low dissolved oxygen are the basis for reclassifcation of the Rio Ruidoso ... Read More
Reminiscences of an Old Fly Fisherman
By Wes Bigney Rigging When I get to the destination and am assembling the rod and lining up the guides I stand the rod against a rock or tree.  I never lay it on the ground or against the car to be stepped on by an errant foot or eaten by an auto door.  After I have run the line through the guides I do not coil any line on the ground where I can step on it and cut it against a stone or gravel.  I make sure the ferrules are seated. The Rod and Handling The taper transmits ... Read More
Fishing report by Tina and Mike Stalled about Resolution Guide Service and Rainbow Lodge, New Mexico Trout sponsors ... Read More
A local attraction known for fishing will officially be closing its doors on 30 October. Jan Phillips is one of the owners of Shady Lakes, which has been a part of the Phillips family since 1962. Even though the Phillips family is closing the door on Shady Lakes, Jan hopes whoever ends up buying the fishing hole can keep the tradition going. The owners have yet to put the property on the market. Shady Lakes was originally just a bait farm when it was first purchased by the Phillips family in 1962. Once they bought it, they quickly converted it ... Read More
Jerry Burtons's September Presentation
We had a technical problem at the September monthly meeting, so here are Jerry's slides on winter fishing in New Mexico ... Read More
The Cow Creek Ranch Fishing Day
On 1 June,18 of the 20 lucky winners of the club sponsored lottery to fish Cow Creek Ranch met at 6:30 a.m. at the Lowes on Paseo Del Norte's parking lot. Car pools were organized and we set off for Cow Creek Ranch. Knowing that folks would get separated driving the interstate, we all met at the Glorieta/Pecos exit where many of the anglers had a cup of coffee from a coffee truck. The truck is like a food truck except it serves all kinds of coffee drinks at lower prices than Starbucks. We departed the exit and traveled caravan ... Read More
Valles Caldera Fishing for 2016 Season
The East Fork of the Jemez, Jaramillo Creek, the Rio San Antonio, and the Rito do los Indios are open to fishing year round, as long as they are not frozen.  Vehicle access requires a Backcountry Vehicle Permit, and 35 permits will be issued daily on a first-come basis at the Valles Caldera visitor center until 30 September.  The free permits are for general access to the backcountry and there is no special quota for anglers. There is no additional cost for the Vehicle Access Permit beyond the general entry fee for the Preserve. A valid New Mexico fishing license ... Read More